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Cartridge Emitt.405

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  • Cartridge Name: Emitt.405
  • Type Of Cartridge : Emission Optical Cartridge (Laser)
  • Wavelength: 405 nm

Modular & Interchangeable Optical Cartridges for the CASCAD.S™ Instrument Series
Change cartridges as needed, when needed! Connect to your CASCAD.S™ family of instruments the emission or reception optical cartridges that align with your particular applications and industry requirements. Save by investing in interchangeable cartridges instead of new instruments:
  • Choose the appropriate emitter or receiver optical cartridge that suits your particular application needs.
  • Easily install and remove interchangeable emission and reception optical cartridges with specific wavelengths.
  • Order new optical cartridges as your applications evolve over time.
  • As your requirements and applications evolve, you can easily change the type and wavelength of your instrument’s optical cartridges.