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µ-Volume Sample Holder Kit

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Test the mechanical properties of your µ-volumetric biomaterial such as hydrogels, engineered tissues, soft tissues and coagulated blood using the 250 µL µ-Volume Sample Holder of the ElastoSens™ Bio. This kit allows the loading of the sample and the testing of its shear elastic modulus over short or long periods of time under sterile conditions. Mechanical testing is done on the ElastoSens™ Bio non-destructively and without contact.

The kit contains:

  • Three (X3) 250 µL autoclavable and reusable µ-volume sample holders
  • Three (X3) autoclavable and reusable sample loading systems specifically designed to facilitate the loading of the sample under sterile conditions.
  • Three (X3) autoclavable and reusable mechanical adapters to connect the µ-Volume Sample Holder to the ElastoSens™ Bio.

All parts are reusable, autoclavable and easy to assemble thanks to their innovative snapping system.

Crafted with meticulous precision and engineered for optimal functionality, these µ-Volume Sample Holders are indispensable tools for scientists and researchers studying the mechanical properties of soft biomaterials.